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    Vita Spas LX-LW500 Temperature Sensor L Series (After `97) (Phone Plug) for Vita Spa by DM Industries. Manufactured by Consumer Engineering Inc.
    (Electronic part that is not returnable). This sensor is for a 2010 or older Vita Spa.

    Vita Spa LX-LW500 Water Temperature Sensor Details:

    • Vita Spa Part Number: LX-LW500
    • Vita Spa heat sensor 451126 is a Water Temp sensor used on Vita Spa L Series spa controls after 1997. Also fits S100/S 200, Voyager and Universal control systems by Vita, and Eco control systems.
    • Vita Spa Water sensor has about a 6 ft. long cable 
    • 3/8" capillary bulb of stainless steel
    • On the other end of the cable, a 4-wire phone plug type connector is used to plug into a circuit board
    • The Vita Spas LX-LW500 Temperature Sensor L Series is a crucial safety feature, making sure your spa temperatures are safe and constant as intended.
    • Before replacing a malfunctioning sensor, make sure to check for any type of buildup in the surrounding area. Calcification or other types of buildup can lead to false temperature readings, meaning a simple cleaning could restore your current sensor to full normal operation. 
    • 1 Year Manufacturer's warranty

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